i actually had this conversation today

That’s it, WE CAN ALL GO HOME NOW. There won’t ever be a better graphic that summarizes sexist double standards in today’s geek culture.



i actually had this conversation today

That’s it, WE CAN ALL GO HOME NOW. There won’t ever be a better graphic that summarizes sexist double standards in today’s geek culture.


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So, yeah, that first image is from a European Sony ad and I don’t know about you BUT IT CREEPS ME OUT. Ignoring the skeevy implications (woman’s body is a plaything for men, etc) it’s also just CREEPY AS HELL. Like “this is actually the new Silent Hill design” creepy.
So I decided to make it SUPER RIDICULOUS. If more boobs = OMG SEXIER OBVIOUSLY, then mine must be HELEN OF TROY LEVELS OF THE PERFECT WOMAN, RIGHT?! Line up, fellas!

oh my god marry me

Really, Sony? Really?




So, yeah, that first image is from a European Sony ad and I don’t know about you BUT IT CREEPS ME OUT. Ignoring the skeevy implications (woman’s body is a plaything for men, etc) it’s also just CREEPY AS HELL. Like “this is actually the new Silent Hill design” creepy.

So I decided to make it SUPER RIDICULOUS. If more boobs = OMG SEXIER OBVIOUSLY, then mine must be HELEN OF TROY LEVELS OF THE PERFECT WOMAN, RIGHT?! Line up, fellas!

oh my god marry me

Really, Sony? Really?

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To say there is an uncomfortable air of fear in security is one (perhaps overblown) thing. To see the largest and only production of its kind, with hundreds of thousands of dollars on the line and an entire secondary production company locked in silent rapture under lit signage for Mountain Dew, the entire project gloriously rupturing like the belly of the Bismark – that is another. To be ushered by muted fear and nervous glances, to stand in desolate directors rooms filled with black screens and empty chairs. Darkened judging stands. Color-coded team challenge floors, soon to be dismantled, but left intact in the hopes that some shimmering archangel would descend and reinvigorate the 11 indie developers currently revolting against Maker Studios inside their rented Winnebagos.

To see the funeral procession of high creatives and story writers and production directors as they left the studio lot, heads down, on their way to a punishment tribunal we would only learn about in cracked voices and quaking half-jokes. The fake grass, crushed cigarette butts and empty beer cans; the trays upon trays of uneaten catering. And the understanding that it was a total wash – completely unsalvageable from a production standpoint – while the developers sat in tears, horror and shock on brand-integrated lawn chairs mere yards from a freelance crew already looking for their next gigs.

This is a very important article about an even that happened this past weekend at Maker Studios, one of the major production companies that manage groups such as the Game Grumps, Yogscast, and many other loved Youtubers. This is the story of how they fucked up, big. 

(Fun fact, the guy that wrote this article actually got fired for it VERY NEARLY GOT FIRED FOR IT, because the website it was published on is owned by Polaris.)

if you care about game development, the indie game scene, and/or the toxic environment of sexism in gaming at large, READ THIS ARTICLE AND THE THREE ARTICLES IT LINKS TO. It will be well worth your time.

This guy’s prose is a little overly meandering for my tastes and I almost didn’t make it to the actual story because each of the ten or so paragraphs it took to get to the “day Zero” meat of the story left me thinking “okay yeah that’s great but what happened that this article is hopefully eventually going to tell me about?” but it really is worth reading.

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all of these “write more (adjective) women” posts, how bout like “hire more women writers who actually know how to write realistic women” or something

How about hire men who write realistic men?


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Anonymous asked: maybe straight white boys wouldnt be so bad at texting if girls werent such bitches.


woah there brony friendzoni



if women are so hurt by being called bossy, or are afraid of leadership positions because they don’t want to be called bossy are probably not fit for leadership positions to begin with.

Little girls. This campaign is aimed at little girls. Little girls who are being bullied and demeaned by both their peers and adults in their life for not being passive enough. 

Little girls. 

You are advocating for little girls to be bullied. Look at yourself. 

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Oh, I know I have it better than a lot of would-be comics buyers, and that’s what worries me. I’ve had it with the self-appointed gatekeepers in comics. 

I hate going into the gaming stores alone. Ugh.

I will continously write this reply until I feel it sticks. Do you want to know why many male nerds are so defensive and harsh about this?

Okey, I can with confidence tell you that the majority of us started this out as a form of escapism. I mean, look at all the tumblr posts about “I love fiction, it’s my way to handle reality” etc etc. It was the same for us. suddenly.. about, idk, 4-5 years ago, feminists started to tell us that we are in the wrong for BUYING things. Instead of going to the writers, we’re the bad guys. Comics I grew up with are being torn to pieces by people who don’t read them anyway. They’re causalized because instead of catering to us, they’re catering to people who don’t really care. I know that the majority of you will go “oh, grow up!”, but you know what? Fuck you, comics were one of the things I had growing up, I emotionally connected to the Hulk, it made me feel that maybe it wasn’t so bad to be a freak.

secondly, I don’t know why women expect to get help with everything and just give up when they don’t get help. When I started out, do you really think anyone would even care about a fat, acne-cursed kid? I did ask, once, they just looked at me and told me to just read the damn comics. So I did. I got into the middle of a story, If I liked it, I tried to hunt down the first one, or the one after. Rinse and repeat. not hard. But now! NOW! You have google, I’m not even kidding, it will take you 30 secs to find ALL information you want. I don’t know why everyone think that being a nerd is “share and share alike!”, it’s socially outcast people who have been wrecked emotionally and socially by other people. You really think that they’re gonna help you without a reason?

I know, it’s really “in” to be a nerd these days, but you’re not a nerd until you know your shit. Don’t believe me?


Being a nerd isn’t something that you flaunt, you’re not gonna get help getting into it, you’re not gonna get praise for trying to. read, then read some more, then read even more. Then doublecheck that info. Not because you’re gonna be “safe” when trying to have people acknowledge your “nerd-cred”, but because you LOVE IT! It’s not a social thing, it has never been. It’s not about sitting around a table and going “OMG! I’m such a nerd! I read a couple of books!”.

Sounds harsh? yeah, it is. But, if you love it, it won’t matter. Cuz you will still have the time of your life. And really.. no one promised to help you. want help? help yourself.

*preparing to get unfollowed by everyone*

btw, I’m not saying that no one can like the same things as me/nerds/others. I’m saying “you’re not special for doing that” and “LOVE IT MORE! If you can’t find basic facts without being spoonfed, do you really LOVE it?”

Okay, you pedantic asshole, listen here.

You read a comic by a woman who reads, cares about, and EARNS A PAYCHECK from comics, that has been reblogged LITERALLY THOUSANDS OF TIMES by other women/minorities who read, care about, and earn paychecks from comics, and you have to gall to say that comics are “catering to people who don’t really care”?

Because you were picked last at kickball and now YOU want to be the bully. Because someone told you you weren’t worthy of something, now you want to be the one to tell other people that they’re not worthy of something. 

First you say “this is escapism for us men” and then you say “no one HELPED me get into it” as if having a medium LITERALLY CONSTRUCTED AROUND PEOPLE WHO ARE EXACTLY LIKE YOU isn’t the biggest spoonfeeding you could possibly get. 

And now there’s a whole lot of people who don’t fit YOUR very narrow definition of what a “true nerd” can be who are FIGHTING UPHILL to be a part of this thing they love that doesn’t love them back and you have the nerve to say they don’t CARE about it enough and they’re expecting special treatment. As if it’s special treatment to BE SAFE FROM HARASSMENT, SEXUALIZATION, AND CONDESCENSION IN A PUBLIC SPACE.

No one’s taking comics away from straight white men. But I certainly wouldn’t mind taking it out of the hands of men like you, that’s for sure. You’re dinosaurs. And you’re not a REAL nerd.

This is 100% my experience in comic stores. I know plenty of lovely nerd men, but I am literally scared to go into a comic store because there is enough background radiation of this stuff in my life that this kind of behaviour is enough to tip me over to just feeling like utter shit. It’s not like, as a woman, I never hear that the things I like are stupid or that I am an idiot, you know? I hear it all the time. I work to block it out. But I don’t want to voluntarily go somewhere where they will say it explicitly to my face. Which is a shame, because it means I miss out on some rad stuff, but fuck if I am going to wade through toxic shit (LIKE THIS GUY RIGHT HERE WHO IS EXACTLY THE PROBLEM FUCK YOU MAN) to get to that rad stuff.

Woody’s Women: Bodies of Color, White Feminism, and the Golden Globes


by Hannah Giorgis


Sunday night’s Golden Globes were a spectacle—and not just because Emma Thompson sauntered onstage with her heels in one hand and a martini in the other (more power to ya, girl).

The 71st Annual Golden Globes were more than just a celebration of talent in Hollywood—they were a poignant visual reminder of the reality that people of color are rarely accepted into the ranks of the industry. Though the awards shed light onto the novelty of well-written female characters, there were some gaping holes in its definition of “woman.” Indeed, the entire show heralded the virtue of white womanhood specifically, and not simply through its snubbing of wildly talented actresses like Lupita Nyong’o and Kerry Washington.

But something far more sinister was at play, tucked neatly into covert praises and veiled criticisms. From the first moments, co-hosts Tina Fey and Amy Poehler continued their streak of making comments about women of color that were insensitive jokes at best and violent rhetoric at worst.

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"Princeton University psychologist Susan Fiske took brain scans of heterosexual men while they looked at sexualised images of women wearing bikinis. She found that the part of their brains that became activated was pre-motor - areas that usually light up when people anticipate using tools. The men were reacting to the images as if the women were objects they were going to act on. Particularly shocking was the discovery that the participants who scored highest on tests of hostile sexism were those most likely to deactivate the part of the brain that considers other people’s intentions (the medial prefrontal cortex) while looking at the pictures. These men were responding to images of the women as if they were non-human."

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Fucking hell.

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Horrified but not suprised. Not in the least.

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Confirmed. http://news.nationalgeographic.co.uk/news/2009/02/090216-bikinis-women-men-objects.html

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Gamespot’s response to the backlash that they, and the game’s reviewer Carolyn Petit, got for their review of GTAV

This is just perfect.

Gamespot just earned a shit ton of respect from me.

I don’t think I’ve seen a site as large as Gamespot actually say “Fuck you” to one of its users before. It was kind of appropriate here.

It’s disturbing the amount of video game critics I’ve recently seen retire or publicly distance themselves from the artform purely because of the awful elements amongst the fanbase.

Of course, this isn’t completely exclusive to the video game world. Take, for example, the movie reviewer who got death threats because he “ruined” Toy Story 3's Rotten Tomatoes score.

Once again, this all goes back to our On Demand culture. With news media programmed not to inform but rather to tell people what they want to hear and niche online communities designed to insulate people from ever hearing opinions different than their own, is it any wonder why folks no longer understand the actual definition of what a “critic” does?

Audiences ruin entertainment.

Holy shit. This is damn near masterful. 

On top of the problem detailed above, about people getting used to being told what they already think (and responding to those holding different views with intense vitriol), is the one of many Media Makers coddling, ignoring or currying favor with the portion of their audience that does this. They might have a sense it’s their largest demographic, or because of their loud voice think they’re the bulk of their audience, or just feel unequipped to deal. The reasons are many, complex.

But the problem with supporting–possibly through inaction–that portion of an audience is that it makes the space you’re creating around your media unsafe for others with less severe opinions, less violent reactions, or those who are simply interested in looking at media/the world critically. 

It’s great to see an arm of an entity as large as GameSpot directly confront what’s widely considered the standard attitude of “gamer culture” (which, yeah, reductive): angry, entitled, reactive. And it’s great to see them trying to clear a path so the community–and by their hopeful prediction, the industry–can grow. It’s a clear statement of critical intent, of what this part of GameSpot, at least, thinks games are for, and takes a good first step towards creating a safe space for people who want to engage with games as a medium of massive cultural impact (which is a group I’d like to think, though maybe I’m totally off on this, is larger than the group of loudmouth bloatbags).

Moral: it’s ok to not want shit heads in your audience. 


Don’t even play video games, but this is an amazing call-out to the industry that actively dissuades me from even bothering with video games.

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